Northern Isaac joined Jeffree Eventing in October 2015 and went out to his first event just 1 month later. Almost straight away we thought we could do something with this horse, which we did! But of course with lots of ups and downs along the way!

In his first 4 events at EvA105 level Isaac finished 2nd, 4th, 1st and 1st and by March the following year he was out in 1 star! In those first 6 months of 1star in 2016 he qualified for Melbourne CCI and jumped like a superstar. At Melbourne CCI he was leading
after dressage and held on to the lead after cross country but unfortunately was withdrawn due to injury, and so spent the 2nd half of the year at home in rehab with us.

During 2017 Isaac had some other minor setbacks but on the whole made a most successful comeback, with a highlight being a win at Tooradin in the CNC2star class!

Sadly this year his heart has not been in the job (and who can blame him in his 18th year!), and along with Sally we have made the tough decision to retire him from top level eventing while he is still sound and happy. And yes he is still testing our patience in every way possible, he is a grumpy bugger and the horse in the team that we all love to hate and yet have to love.

To Sally Stelling, I cant thank you enough for such a brilliant opportunity and for everything Isaac has taught me. Both of you will always be a part of Jeffree Eventing!