On the weekend Fiona Mitchell’s Woodmount Lolita added another win to what can only be described as a phenomenal

Friends of Woady Yaloak Equestrian Association and all the volunteers did a great job running the event, thank you to all those involved and A Bit In A Bucket for their sponsorship of Lily’s class.

Sam also had Jaybee Calypso in the 3star and he finished his season with a very credible 4th place. Wimborne Conjuror took his time on cross country to give him a confident round for his first time on a 1star course and we were very happy with his run. Santoro held himself together well over the weekend and had a great run on cross country. Aremdale Sunday finished on her dressage score with an 8th place in EvA80!

Now the final countdown is really on to Melbourne International 3 Day Event… time to work hard at keeping everything in place for Lily and ticking every box – we hope to see her in the same position in 2 weeks time!