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“I am proud to highly recommend Jeffree Eventing after my experience with Sam and his help in retraining my OTT… I sent him to Sam who knew exactly how to get inside the OTT’s head and introduce him to his new career… Sam took him out and competed him at 3 horse trials and the improvement to each one was incredible. He went from an anxious thoroughbred to a relaxed “dude” who took all the disciplines in his stride… There’s no way I would be out competing again without Jeffree Eventing.”

Jessica Kealy
“Fantastic results with Sam, he had our quirky mare for around seven weeks and had her working well and out to clinics and competing at several horse trials in that time. Seriously worth investing in Sam for both training and competition exposure of any horse. Cant recommend highly enough. Sam goes above and beyond and cares for your horse like it’s one of his own.”
Tracy Appleby

“l have known Sam since he was a very young rider, he then came to Haileybury and joined the Equestrian Team with my son Alex. Sam stood out because of his easy going manner and ability to fit in with the Team and mentor the younger riders. Over the years he has developed a strong passion for eventing and a keen interest to learn as much as he can from all the opportunities he has had. This along with his incredible work ethic and energy has resulted in success in training and campaigning of his and clients horses. We now co-own the exciting young horse Wimborne Conjuror.”

Fiona Mitchell
“Sam came over to my place to look at, and ride Isaac. Isaac was a bit feral after having time off, and I was amazed how well Sam managed to stick on whilst still insisting that Isaac get on with the job… Right from the start I was welcomed into the “Jeffree Eventing Team”… Isaac’s good health is always their priority, with regular blood tests, scans and so on when needed… Sam and Isaac have been very successful competitors taking many wins and places together from EvA105 through to 2 star level. It has been a pleasure to watch their journey and I greatly admire Sam as a brilliant rider. When my horse retires from Jeffree Eventing due to old age, I certainly won’t!”
Sally Stelling




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