Sam Jeffree riding Woodmount Lolita takes out the National Young Rider Championship 2019 at the Australian International Three Day Event. They also placed 3rd overall in the CCI***L class! (Photo credit Brittanny Grovenor)

The long but absolutely necessary Australian International 3 Day Event thank you post!

What an epic time we had in Adelaide, an amazing event in such a unique setting. It is hard to quantify the amount of effort that goes into making this happen – the first thank you must go to everyone involved in running the event!!

This dream ending would never have taken place without the support crew we are so lucky to have! Cathy Oates for keeping the horses feeling amazing and then being at the event to help us through and your expert guidance. Mark Jeffree for doing morning feed ups at home during this event and for the constant work that he does for Jeffree Eventing. Elise Watkins for stepping up and caring for the rest of the team when we were away. Peta Elstrek for answering our last minute call up for products at the event. Buddy for donating his mane for false plaits Deb McLeod Kyle McLeod, I am sure the extra plaits added a mark or 2 for dressage – Linda Brooks Chloe Brooks pretty sure those beautiful quarter marks scored some extra points too! Michele Geoffrey Towb for giving up a whole weekend plus more to fly interstate and be a slave for me! An Eventful Life continue to do so much for the sport of eventing and are always looking out for us as well as the great cross country video. Janet Houghton you do so much for all of the Victorian eventers and squad and it is so appreciated, and thanks to Nina Clarke for your help on the ground at the event! Our good friend Vaughan Ellis who is not only a master and expert with his work but is also a phenomenal great bloke coming out at the eleventh hour to put a shoe back on before we left, and now Edward Roberts who is patient and calm with Princess Lily. Thanks also to the cool down crew who jumped in and got very wet working so hard on Lily after cross country Sophia Landy, Andrew Landy, @Abby Plant, Bessie Dimery, Daniel Dragt, Sophie Fox. It was also lovely to meet new friends Craig Sanderson and Mark Reid who offered support and shared this experience with us.

And of course none of this would be possible without the fantastic Fiona Mitchell, it was so fantastic to have you there and we are so happy you got to see how glorious Lily looks when she performs. There is no better way that Lily could have proven that she was worth the chance you took and your trust in me and the team is second to none!

Will Enzinger I admire not just your level of skill and knowledge, but the way you share all of that so willingly and with so much support and care for myself, mum and our horses.

To my mum Wendy Jeffree, for your countless hours of work behind the scenes to ensure I get to the events presentable and know what I am doing, for putting up with my stresses and nerves, for always being my number one supporter and doubtlessly believing in me, thank you. I could not do it without you.

And the biggest thank you ever to the one who did it all Woodmount Lolita, a mare with unknown potential but she has proved over and over again she absolutely loves her job and and she has not faltered in trying her very hardest for me. I am so very lucky to sit on this incredible mare and she still has so much more to give!

Our sponsors continue to be amazing, this result would not be possible without their ongoing support of my team and I.
James and Son Premium Horse Feed
Flexible Fit Equestrian
Elite Equine Veterinarians
The Saddlery Shop
Natural Mobility
Equus Rugs
Sharnika Design

And finally the class sponsor Bates Saddles! There are always behind the scenes stories with horses and immediately prior to this event 12 months ago we had a broken dressage saddle, which has survived the year by continually adding staples as needed to hold it together! So this prize is just amazing, it will be much appreciated and cannot come at a better time! Thank you Bates.