Cross country day in Adelaide has been great!

Lily was a super star and flew around the 3* clear and under time to move her into 3rd position going into showjumping! I couldn’t be happier with her and so glad to be able to share it with Fiona Mitchell.

Calypso went around the 4* clear picking up just a couple of time penalties but gave me a great feel most of the way! He ate up the course and has moved into 4th position but it is with many mixed emotions that I announce that Calypso has been withdrawn from the Aus3de and will not showjump tomorrow. This will also conclude his time doing high level eventing and he will now retire happy and sound. We wanted to finish this chapter on a high with Calypso doing what he loves most but showjumping has never been Calypso’s strength and I’m making the choice to bow out now and save both him and us further heartbreak.

Calypso owes me nothing and there will be many people to thank for his wonderful journey when I catch my breath and come to terms with this. But first to get through tomorrow and hope that Lily has her jumping shoes on!