Mark Jeffree


Mark is happy to ride in a boat but will not get on a horse. Despite this, his behind-the-scenes support has been instrumental to the success of Jeffree Eventing! Mark's expertise extends to everything from building and improvements to fencing, machinery, and all aspects of property management and maintenance.

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Wendy Jeffree


Wendy had a love of horses as a child but did not get to indulge this passion until she was an adult at university. Even then, the horses had to play second fiddle as she focussed on family, study and work. Forever interested in learning new things, Wendy remains committed and passionate about sound horse management and is always intent on producing horses that are healthy in both mind and body.

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Sam Jeffree


Sam Jeffree is the current National Young Rider Champion in 3 star level at the Australian 3DE, and has his sights firmly set on continuing to compete successfully at the highest international level. He completed his first FEI event at the age of 14, and in the years following has had exceptional success at 1*, 2**, 3*** and 4**** events on a string of very different horses. Sam's dedication to his training and horsemanship shows in his consistently good results in all three phases — often leading or in the top few places after dressage to set up for success at [...]

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