Sydney International Horse Trials 2022


What a weekend! Feeling blessed to have such a strong team of horses making the trip to Sydney worthwhile! Santoro - 1st CCI2*L, Wimborne Conjuror - 2nd CCI2*L, & Woodmount Lolita - 3rd CCI4*S Things don’t always go to plan in the horse world but overall our Sydney event delivered! All three horses felt great all weekend and really performed in good fashion. I've felt that Wimborne Conjuror and Santoro were ready to step up and do their first long format event and its great to see them have a solid performance with a PB in the dressage for [...]

Sydney International Horse Trials 20222022-06-14T07:32:38+10:00

Wandin Park Horse Trials 2022


A successful weekend at Wandin Park Horse Trials! Thanks to everyone who made this huge event happen - a perfect venue topped off with perfect weather and some awesome results. 1st CCI4**** Woodmount Lolita 1st CCI2** Equus Helenik 2nd CCI3*** Long - Koyuna Tactician 2nd CCI2** Santoro 5th CCI3*** Kenlock Cadillac 7th CCI2** Wimborne Conjuror Lily nailing the 4star x-country course at Wandin! Thanks Rider Video! Very happy with Pip Hodson's Heidi (Equus Helenik) at Wandin, pulling it all together and showcasing her progress to take the win! [...]

Wandin Park Horse Trials 20222022-06-15T00:21:20+10:00

Tonimbuk International Horse Trials


Koyuna Tactician and Santoro pull off a double win in the 3* and 2* at Tonimbuk Horse Trials Inc! All of the horses had a fantastic event and had some incredible results along the way! Woodmount Lolita placed 2nd in the 4*, just 0.5 penalties behind the leader narrowly missing out on the trifecta!! Kenlock Cadillac completed his first 3* in third position! Wimborne Conjuror and Equus Helenik also had a successful weekend continuing to make great progress and giving me great rides! Even in tough conditions the committee did a brilliant job to pull off a great event, [...]

Tonimbuk International Horse Trials2022-06-13T07:50:39+10:00

Seville PC Horse Trials


A fun weekend supporting a local event run by Seville Pony Club at Shirley Heights Equestrian Centre! Mr. Spot took a win in the Open Championship class for Rachael Edwards showing a big improvement! I also had ESB Golden Malt in the Open 3, starting to show some of the hard work put into this boy and pulling off a 9th place for Leanne McLean. 2 horses who joined the team for their very first competition experiences - Darcy for Emma Shannon and Shirleen Stokoe’s Ziggy - both went double clear to finish on their dressage scores and place [...]

Seville PC Horse Trials2022-06-13T07:24:50+10:00

Zeep Summer Horse Trials


Yes it happened! A full event this weekend at Ballarat at last, thanks to the hardworking committee and all the volunteers who got the Zeep Summer Horse Trials off the ground. It was great to get the FEI horses out to test our training and focus on competition skills again! All of the horses were a bit excited and fresh in dressage, the highlight of Saturday was Koyuna Tactician leading the CCI3*** class overnight – it has taken a long time to strengthen his dressage work and it was great to feel it on the day. The highlight of [...]

Zeep Summer Horse Trials2022-06-13T07:14:35+10:00

Koyuna Tactician wins 3* at Woady Yallock


What a champion! This special horse deserves his own post for his effort at Woady Yallock Horse Trials on the weekend. Koyuna Tactician did a great dressage test, showjumped clear and took a couple of time faults on cross country to secure the win in the 3*. It’s been a long hard road for Tom since his 4th place at Melb3DE in the 2* in 2018... so we can’t wait to see him back there again in the 3* class in two weeks time!!

Koyuna Tactician wins 3* at Woady Yallock2021-05-26T07:23:22+10:00

Albury Horse Trials – May 2021


A great event at Albury last weekend for our horses – not so good for vehicles! We got 2 new truck tyres during the event and a shredded tyre on the float on the way home! Thank you to the OC who ran a great comp that all went very smoothly. Equus Helenik was in the 2 star and whilst we are still tweaking a few things she was super overall and got the job done in great style, finishing as she started in 3rd place and gaining her final Melb3DE qualifier! The “babies” did a great job for [...]

Albury Horse Trials – May 20212021-05-26T07:12:44+10:00

Ballarat Horse Trials 2021


We had a successful weekend at Friends of Ballarat Eventing Association Horse Trials last weekend. Congratulations to the committee who have had to overcome many trying circumstances, at last it all happened and in glorious weather too! Sam had 5 rides and they all performed really well and gave us things to work on too! Woodmount Lolita (Lily) took the win in the 4 star. Koyuna Tactician (Tom) was strong in the 3 star dressage and produced his best showjumping round in a long time. Some miscommunication with his rider in cross country meant he was retired on course but [...]

Ballarat Horse Trials 20212021-05-11T08:00:41+10:00

2021 Australian National Champions!


What a brilliant event we had last week at Wandin Park. Many thanks to Jarryd Stanley and the whole team involved in running such a huge event, the OC did a fabulous job and the grounds looked stunning! Sam had 9 rides in total so it was hectic right from the get go. Woodmount Lolita (Lily) stole the show for Fiona Mitchell winning the 4* to give Sam his first win at that level! But the rest of our team produced some amazing performances too! Koyuna Tactician is back at 3 star level and is proving he will be [...]

2021 Australian National Champions!2021-05-11T09:08:39+10:00

Tonimbuk Horse Trials 2021


Where to even start with this fabulous event?! I guess it goes without saying we need to start with the absolute superstar Woodmount Lolita in her first 4****. I was happy with a solid dressage test scoring sub 30 but still plenty of room for improvement which is also exciting! One rider rail in the showjumping but despite this Lily’s round was still the best on the night and we went into cross country in the lead! I was determined to stick to my plan and get her around a confident round not watching the clock, and although I [...]

Tonimbuk Horse Trials 20212021-05-11T09:31:44+10:00

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