Following Melbourne 3DE the stable certainly had a slower period, where we gave the Melbourne horses a break and focused on the young ones and client’s horses in for training. The humans also took the opportunity to catch their breath and actually spent some time indoors whilst the horrid weather hit Victoria. But during the second half of winter we have been gearing up again!

Goals are set and events have been mapped out. Some of the horses aiming for big events have their programs in place right from the start, including details of shoeing dates and gallop programs.

The exciting news is Sam will aim Jaybee Calypso for a 3 star start this season, and we are keeping everything crossed Sam and Calypso get to finally make an appearance at Adelaide CCI** this time around. Koyuna Tactician will consolidate at 1-star level with the aim of finishing the season at Wallaby Hill CCI*, and Woodmount Lolita will consolidate at 105, with the hope she will also make an interstate run at the end of the season to contest the EvA105 class at Wallaby Hill. Wimborne Conjuror will be out and about to become more accustomed to the atmosphere at competitions, continuing at EvA80 level to consolidate his training until he tells us he is ready to take on some 95 classes later in the year. Northern Isaac will also make an appearance here and there with Wendy on board!

We can’t wait to see you all out there and get the ball rolling at the opening event of the Victorian season – Friends of Werribee.

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